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A Little About AMP

Austin McClelland Photography was born out of the minds of Austin and Jessica. Based on the hallmark of high quality and professionalism, the goal for us became to create a photography business that stands out from the crowd. Thus we began the process of creating such a business.

[ Lighting ]

With ample study, we decided to look toward professional images in the fashion and glamour industry as well as the modern wedding photography industry. We sought inspiration in regard to the lighting and processing of such high quality imagery.

This we believe is one of our defining factors. We often employ the use of various off-camera flash setups and lighting techniques that is so often unused by photographers. With the various combinations of natural light and off-camera flash, we can provide a variety of imagery with a creative and professional touch.

[ Dual Coverage ]

Another defining factor that we employ is the use of two photographers. Between Jessica and myself, we provide a more complete form of photography while shooting wedding, engagement, family, and Quinceanera sessions. While I creatively capture the primary shots, Jessica will creatively capture the candid moments. Albeit, we may switch positions depending upon the situation.

Through teamwork, we strive to provide the most complete view of your family.

[ Professional Product]

Of course, the quality does not stop with the imagery. In order to present and preserve your investment, we provide several high quality options for your products and prints that range from the beautiful to the opulent. Velvet, crushed velvet, metal inlays, premium leathers, art papers, personal apps and websites, and other such options will be a part of your overall product selection experience.

[ Professional and Fun ]

We make every effort to provide you with a truly professional experience throughout your time with us. That said, we know that this is supposed to be a joyful and fun day as well. So be assured that we will do our utmost to provide as friendly and fun a service as we do professional.