We present our clients with package options that will include a minimum number of finished portrait images. Each package carries a flat fee for the services included in the package of choice.

We believe in providing a full service experience to our clients. To begin, we will meet with he client and present our 3 package options that span a variety of tastes. Package options will vary depending upon the type of portrait photography that you seek. Business, medical, personal, etc., will each carry different options.

In order to find out more, please contact us through our email
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As we have noted. We believe in providing our clients with a full service. We seek to provide a higher class of photography experience above and beyond what are called “shoot and burners”. That said, we do not provide digital files outside of a package. We do however provide package options that are primarily digital. The type of portraiture will of course dictate the options available. Business portraiture packages, due to the nature of the type of photography, will have fewer options, which will mean that digital files will be the primary product.

We do not provide digital negatives in any of our packages. We believe that this actually provides a dis-service to our clients. Just as a restaurant would not provide an uncooked meal or a half-made sandwich, we do not provide an unfinished product. All images are edited when they are presented to the client. Albeit, for those that insist, we do offer a separate A La Carte Digital Negative Sale option at a premium cost.